Vali Petcu

Vali petcuIf you are from Romania, chances are you’ve stumbled on Vali Petcu‘s Zoso.ro blog. But did you know Zoso‘s site is running on WordPress since 2005? During this time he learned lots about the platform’s vulnerabilities and strengths.

Come hear talk 11 years with WordPress from a full time blogger and freelancer dealing with web strategy, guerrilla marketing, content creation and journalism.

Alexandra Draghici

alexandra draghiciAlexandra handles product development at CaptainForm, WordPress form builder. In the past, she managed other projects of 123ContactForm, the mother company, mainly the development of new features and integrations based on market and user analysis. She is constantly looking to deepen her understanding of user behavior, so as to build better solutions for them.

Milan Ivanovic

Milan IvanovicMilan lives and breathes WordPress: he’s the WordPress.org global translation editor, WordPress Serbia lead and one of WordCamp Europe organizers. One of the lecturers of the WordPress Academy in Serbia, giving talks and free WordPress Workshops. WordCamp volunteer, speaker and organizer. Member of Theme Review Team.

In spare time he holds WordPress lectures and collects WordCamp T-shirts.
Working as a Web developer at Devana Technologies, company behind ManageWP.
Look him up by @lanche86

Ciprian Gavriliu

Ciprian Gavriliu 400Ciprian Gavriliu is a Product Designer, occasional blogger and aspiring writer. He has an broad experience working with important clients worldwide like Inbound.org, HubSpot, Neil Patel and Sujan Patel. Ciprian will share important findings about selecting a good client niche, building a personal brand and working with big clients. Pretty sure there are many of you looking to improve their entrepreneurial skills and in this WordCamp session, you will get some great, to-the-point, advice.

Alexandru Linca

Alexandru LincaMany WordPress users, beginners and pros altogether, have a lot of trouble figuring out how to optimize speed and ensure security for their or their clients’ websites. Alexandru Linca, founder of wphosting.ro, has been working with local clients for more than 10 years. In his talk Easy WordPress Optimization Alexandru will present 9 rules about how you can obtain a faster and secure WordPress site. Because everyone loves a fast speed load!

Florin Stanescu

florin-fbFlorin Stanescu is a skilled SEO, SEM, SMM and email marketing guy. He is coming from Timisoara to speak about how to optimize on-page and off-page SEO. Currently Florin is CTO and marketing specialist at Agroland and CEO for PopasuriRomanesti. He will present the best practices for growing your WordPress website speed: plugins, Meta Titles & Meta Description, content optimization, H1, robots.txt, sitemaps.xml, image optimization and more. If you are a in the business of managing and maintaining websites, his SEO for WordPress presentation is a must see.

Marius Vetrici

1383230_10201276609611955_1092688161_nFirst, we have Marius Vetrici. If you attended at least one Bucharest WordPress Meetup in the past, chances are you already know him. Marius is the host and co-organizer of the Bucharest WordPress Meetup and a happy WordPress community supporter. He also holds a PhD in business informatics and, as a software entrepreneur, has served more than 800 small and large companies to achieve their online business goals during the last 13 years.

Marius fell in love with WordPress back in 2006 when he started his first blog about entrepreneurship. Later on he founded WPRiders, a technical WordPress agency with a focus on customer’s business goals. After launching different products for both local as well as the international market, Marius’ agency is now providing WordPress services for worldwide clients. At WordCamp Bucharest, he will be speaking about Moving from software products to WordPress services, where he will share some lessons learned from his past experiences.

Ivana Ćirković

unnamedIvana Ćirković comes from Belgrade, Serbia, and she will share her personal involvement with WordPress in her talk: How I met your WordPress. Owner of the Digital Margeting Agency KickStart.rs and of an online magazine for women OrganVlasti.com, Ivana is part of the WordPress ecosystem from a non-technical position. Talking about her experience with WordPress from the beginnings, Ivana wants to inspire others to be part of this growing community and share all the benefits WordPress has to offer.

Ciprian Turcu

c_turcuIf you attended other WordCamp Romania events in the past, you may have heard about Ciprian Turcu from Cluj-Napoca, because he’s been a 3-times speaker. Ciprian has been working with WordPress since 2007 and he is currently a WordPress developer at Fortech, Cluj. He also has his own WordPress service & plugin agency at admin-builder.com. In his speech The tool that builds the tool, Ciprianwill talk about the utility of building tools to help you create plugins and themes faster. Using these tools as a shortcut, instead of going the traditional way (building from scratch), Ciprian will show us how any WordPress developer can save time and increase the quality of his results.

Aleksander Kuczek

urlContinuing the discussion about optimizing workflows, Aleksander Kuczek (Poland, CEO of Perfect Dashboard) will speak about Turning WordPress maintenance into a money-making machine. If you find yourself often saying that you don’t like managing websites, then you must attend Aleksander’s presentation. He promises that everyone can turn WordPress maintenance into a lucrative business. You will learn what’s the difference between managing and creating websites, how to organize website maintenance efficiently and other interesting and useful things.

Dalibor Vasiljevic

daliborDalibor Vasiljevic comes from Arad and he is a brand strategist, focused on (re)building consistent and coherent brands at Rainfall, an award-winning branding agency. Rainfall has been using WordPress as its default CMS for more than 5 years, that’s why Dalibor can share his real-life experience about working with WordPress as an agency and how it can help us become more efficient, boost productivity and generate a higher return of investment for clients. In his speech, Managing a small WordPress agency, he will point out a few important topics for an efficient business model: how to target customers and their needs, understanding competition and how the website can be integrated in the company’s business model.

Marius Cristea

3330746Marius Cristea works as CTO for Themeisle.com, a local WordPress development company focused on selling themes and plugins. In his presentation Professional tools and workflows for theme development he will teach us about some useful tools they use in their workflow process: how they generate the themes, how they use Grunt to transform Pro themes into Lite themes or how they manage dependencies using Composer.

Adrian Pop

adipop-2016-bwAdrian Pop is an experienced computer engineer and software developer with 25+ years as an entrepreneur. Adrian also has a huge passion for WordPress and he is a volunteer in the WordPress Polyglots Team working as a General Translation Editor for the romanian WordPress community. His mission at WordPress.org is to supervise the consistency and completion for all core translation projects, for the main plugins and themes and validation for the rest of them. He likes to speak about the re-birth of the Romanian Localization Team, what it means to be a WordPress Polyglot and what are the benefits of writing for the worldwide users. If you are looking to enroll as a WordPress volunteer, or you simply love WordPress poetry, come and listen his speech: Localize is poetry.

Pedro Dobrescu

pedro1Do you often worry about huge spikes of traffic or downtime for your WordPress website? If so, fear no more. Pedro Dobrescu, the  CSM and co-founder of Presslabs, will come from Timisoara to talk about “Speedcraft” or making high-traffic sites fast. You may find very useful his guide for “hospitality hosting” which includes real-life samples: steps required to groom sites for traffic, manage development and deploy changes. Wondering how you can do all of this without affecting performance? Then you have to come and hear Pedro share his secret list of small things that have a huge impact on performance and thus on revenue.

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